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For Sale, 95 VW Passat GLX (B4 – VR6)

Yep, it’s for sale. If you’re interested or have any inquiries/questions, please feel free to email me at


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What’s new lately?

Before you begin reading this post, just be warned that it will be a pretty long and extensive post to what’s been going on with my life lately.

So in the meantime, in between time.. Listen to this song while you are reading the post!

#nowplaying “Infatuated” by Memphis Bleek

So most of you all know I picked up a daily a while back,

Bought it from Kevin, from the Slamburglars. It’s been an awesome headache (the norm for a VW owner), but I still love the car to death.

I slowly began picking up little things for the car. Started with maintenance but of course, replaced fuel pump and fuel filter. Working on replacing spark plugs and wires, as well as a coil pack. Upgrading to a custom MSD ignition kit. Pretty legit stuff.

During all this, my actual life has been pretty rough. Went through many emotional rollercoasters’ that was not fun at all. So a fellow burglar, Ivan, convinced me to go to SF for “Anti” Wekfest weekend with all of the west coast chapter of Slamburglars. I was super stoked and debating on which car to take. BUT, before that decision was going on.. I had slid the weekend before Wekfest. Come to find out my radiator is leaking from my recent accident and my rear axles are shot. I decided to go with the more “comfortable” route and took the cool wagon, or as kids call nowadays “swagon”. So there it was with the decision, me being the person I am.. Decided to do a little prepping.

Bought a bunch of stuff…


Which shortly turned into,

So, while the wheels were getting worked on by Juan @ Snail Motorsports.. I decided to repaint my faded ass hood. I prepped the bitch and Royce painted it with his cool compressor and gun, thanks again Royce! (Shoutouts to Royce and the rest of Limit Break).

Hood looked pretty mint for a cheap single-stage paint job. So I decided to fancy up and clean up my headlights as well.

So after all that, test fitted and what not!

Juiced! Had to roll my fenders and shit all last minute, good stuff though. Had the homie Joaquin STEAM detail my car since it hasn’t been detailed in so long! Check out his business though, one of the very first “eco-friendly” auto detailers in Vegas! (Like/Add them on Facebook! click here)

Smoked out bros!

Cute stuff, steezn’!

Had to stop by the homie Chu’s shop, @ DSTRCT LV!

Shortly after all that, I was on my way to Santa Barbara to pick Ivan’s fat ass up and caravan with Cotter to SF for the weekend.

BUT before we just got on the freeway, my tire decides to implode and kill itself. So, at first I thought I just had a flat and my tire just de-beaded and all I needed was Fix-A-Flat or whateva. Decided to plug that shit right in and see if it’ll work. Little did I know…

Yeah totally shredded my sidewall. Not cool at all, so we worked on getting my spare on and what not. Took us a while but we were finally on the road…

And there I was, finally in San Francisco for the first time in my life. We arrived late Thursday evening at around ~1AM-2AM. Woke up the following the morning to this beautiful city,

Friday morning, we went to Limitless Motorsports to get a tire replaced. AND guess who decided to come along!? Jonathan Sanchez, hipster of the month.

Check out his cute ass bay,

So anyways, after getting my shit fixed.. Jon took us to the Fatlace Paddock, where a few of RWB’s cars were stored. It was a dope/amazing experience being able to see them up close and personal.

Shortly after that we, as the whole SB crew, decided to go to the pre-Wekfest meets hosted by Canibeat. It was pretty lame, but finally met a bunch of people from the SF chapter of SB as well as a few from the LBC (The Low Budget Crew). I did, however, get a picture with Max’s cute NB 🙂

So the following day, I was super stoked because prior to making the trip to SF I asked this wonderful girl named Kaethe to be my Valentine! And she said yes, thank god, so I was like “we should go on a classic dinner/movie date when I get there to make up for Valentine’s day”. She totally agreed and I was super stoked that whole week. So I picked her up from work and we had time to kill so we walked around the whole “financial” district. We visited her cousin at The Hundreds. Pretty dope store, a lot bigger than the one in Rosewood. By the time she was done chopping it up with cousin, we were on our way to dinner.

It was at this lovely place called Waterbar.

Like I’m telling you, the place was amazing! The dinner reservations were timed perfectly so well with the sunset. Pretty romantic if you ask me.

She was super stoked about this place, it was actually her choice because she had not been there before and the place was on her “bucket-list”.

We had this delicious steak, it was soo good.

She enjoyed it a bunch and even Instagram’d it lol.

After dinner, we wanted to watch a movie but also we wanted to hangout with everyone else. So we changed plans and went to the CarsxHype meet..

..and then to the LBC party house! and we all had a BLAST! We all had a blast and got super plastered. The quote/saying of the night was, “it’s a party! it’s a party! it’s a partaaaayyy!” ; Here are some photos of the night,

The next day was our official SB West Coast Chapter Meet / Anti-Wekfest Cruise. We were all hung over and needed aspirin and gatorade/vitamin water. I’m tired of typing so I’ll let the pictures do it for me,

So ya, the cruise was pretty much from the Marina at Fort Mason to Point Reyes. Ride was pretty brutal, especially with a 40+ car caravan. Most of that 40 was bangin’ frame rails on the way to the beach. Went through a couple of touge run passes, it was pretty brutal. Also got in trouble with the “Park Ranger” lulz. But yea, the beach was still pretty cool. Didn’t get to slide or anything, but we did grill some good food.

I was also able to walk with Kaethe on the beach during sunset. It was yet another pretty romantic “scene”. We talked about a lot of stuff, and it was pretty interesting. Especially reminiscing over the drunk night we had prior, hahahaha.

And, that pretty much sums up my whole weekend/week prior. It’s been pretty hectic, but I’ve been getting myself back on my usual grind here in Las Vegas. Big things coming up for the future, I can definitely feel it. I met an amazing girl that still to this day seeks to amaze me, and was able to see my SB family. I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably be moving to California within these next few years. Definitely looking forward to it. To sum up my super big post/update, here’s a little summary of the weekend recorded/edited by the bro himself Ivan from SB.

Photo credits to: Ivan and Max

Much love,
– Kevin

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FS: Vintage Progressive Gen-II “Polished” Wheels


This was how they looked like when I first bought them, before restoring.

This was how they looked on my car,

Email me at:
For more information etc.

Thanks for reading!

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Vote for Ivan Camacho for the “Win Enjuku Cash” Event!

Like the page, vote for Ivan Camacho (page 9, **he will continue to get bumped back a page due to new participants joining, so if he isn’t on page 9 then he’ll be on the next page etc.**) and share it to your friends!

Click here to vote and for more information!

Vote for Ivan’s car, so he can win the 1st place price to finish his car and start sliding again. If you love me you will!

Here’s a few shots of his update (click here to view his build thread),


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Old, but always good of Phil

Wheel specs if you guys didn’t know already,
(F) 18x10j et+11
(R) 18x11j et+6

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Kevin @ U-Drift (Crash Vid)

I was randomly trolling through the interwebz and found this video, thanks to Royce!


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Stumbled upon..

Browsing the interwebz and I stumbled upon this neat photograph,

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“Lotus Flower Bomb” by Wale feat Miguel

“…And I hate to tell you too much, cause I stay with too much pride.”

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Happy Belated New Year!

Before you begin reading, listen to this bad ass girl.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this thing. I’ve been super busy, now that I’ve recently gone back to school. Super stoked for the future for myself. There has been a lot of stuff has been going on both good and bad, basically a big emotional roller-coaster.

Here’s a recent photograph of my car, major props to A.J Gillett (illphoto via flickR).

And of course, I’m sure most of you have already seen these photographs from the very best Will Cotter (aka the Professor).

So yeah, I started sliding my Miata! Gnarly grip action, circuit lap, time-breaker. Pretty epic stuff. I already “crashed”/slid into barrels. It was unfortunate but bound to happen. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m glad I started before it was too late!

A few shots of me at a few events,

And the damage, not so bad. You guys should’ve seen the barrels..

But yeah, enough about me. Here’s a recent shot of Philly’s car..

Bunch of things cleaned up. Got his wheels and valve cover powdercoated and also lip repainted. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Phil also got a trophy at a local car show, took him long enough to receive one and get the respect he truly deserves. Major props, brotha.

As for Jon, his s2k is still as beautiful as ever. He recently turned 21, so he’s been busy with that and of course his wifey. Actually a story about him, about a month or two ago.. He got into 2, TWO, fucking hit and runs. But he’s fine. He actually just got his car out of the shop not too long ago, all with candy ass paint. Can’t wait for him to do something to his car, but I won’t spoil anything.

Thanks for reading, if anyone actually reads this thing. ❤ you all!

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STOLEN: Fat Cats Josh’s Blue S13, Orlando / UCF Area

Please contact my friend, Miggy, immediately if you have any information or have spotted the car. My name is Michael Quintanilla 830-422-1655

More info, click here

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